1922年 [大正11年]
Established Mutsubishi Rubber Manufacturing. (Invested amount: JPY3,000)
Production commenced in Nagata-ku, Kobe.
1931年 [昭和6年]
Collaborated with The Victaulic Company of Japan Limited in technical training in rubber products used by The Victaulic Company of Japan and rubber products for industrial use.
1944年 [昭和19年]
Reorganized as Mutsubishi Rubber Seizou Kabushiki Kaisha (Capital: 500,000 yen).
Manufactured mainly rubber rings for Victaulic, and other rubber products for industrial and aircraft use.
1952年 [昭和27年]
Reorganized intu Mutsubishi Rubber Industry.
1955年 [昭和30年]
Start collaboration with Toshiba to develop practical use of Silicone rubber.
1958年 [昭和33年]
Renamed to Mutsubishi Rubber Co., Ltd.
1959年 [昭和34年]
Expanded the production scale of the silicone rubber plant.
Started production of the silicone rubber seal for Victaulic joints that are used for coal-fired power generation.
1963年 [昭和38年]
Start production of bell packing for blast furnace of steel industry.
1966年 [昭和41年]
Start production of Press forming factory.
Achieved to make seals for gantry crane.
1971年 [昭和46年]
Start supplying filling rubber for concrete sleeper used by Japan National Railway. (current "Japan Railway")
1976年 [昭和51年]
Start supplying Pool-gate packing for Nuclear Power Plant.
Hexa-plug was completed.
1978年 [昭和53年]
Start supplying Joint filling rubber for Tohoku Shinkansen Line.
1979年 [昭和54年]
Achieved making Tube seal for "Monju" fast-breeder reactor.
Complete of Expansion seal for gap between concrete slabs.
Complete of Prop-seal for flanged connection.
1980年 [昭和55年]
Complete of Penetration seal for wall.
Start supplying Dome seal for LPG tanker.
1981年 [昭和56年]
New Head quarter building was constructed.
Completed Duster ring and Dust wiper. Applied Patent for 7 countries.
Completed rubber packing for Plutonium storage Bin.
Completed Scupper plug for ship, and approved by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK).
1983年 [昭和58年]
Start supplying Dome seal for LNG tanker.
1985年 [昭和60年]
Completed Extreme pressure seal good for 200MPa.
Completed Stopper plug for Nuclear power plant nozzles.
Supplying Hexa Plug 3,200mm for Ministry of Land, Construction and Transportation and Tourism. Kanto Regional Development Bureau, North Chiba Aqueduct Pipeline.
1986年 [昭和61年]
Developed Rubber seal for T.B.M. using Straits of Dover tunnel construction.
Developed Oil seal type SW.
1990年 [平成2年]
Technical Development and Experiment building was completed.
1992年 [平成4年]
Start supplying Emergency water stop seal for T.B.M. using Tokyo Bay undersea tunnel.
1995年 [平成7年]
On January 17, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake hit Head quarter and plant.
1997年 [平成9年]
Establish Oita sales office, Oita Pref.
1998年 [平成10年]
Establish Fukuoka Branch in Fukuoka Pref.
Acquired ISO9001 on July 30.
1999年 [平成11年]
Relocate factory from Nagata-ku, Kobe to Nishi-ku, Kobe.
2004年 [平成16年]
Relocate Osaka Main Office.
Authorized “from Kobe and excellent technology” from kobe-shi industrial promotion foundation.
2005年 [平成17年]
Relocate Fukuoka Branch.
2006年 [平成18年]
Establish Kaoshiung Branch, Taiwan.
2007年 [平成19年]
Acquired ISO14001.
2008年 [平成20年]
Relocate Tokyo Branch.
2009年 [平成21年]
Establish Taiwan Mutsubishi Engineering Co., Ltd.
2020年 [令和2年]
Establish Kisarazu sales office, Chiba Pref.