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Technical Information

You can download Technical Information of Hexa Seals if you crick each title. Also you can crick on figure of cross-section, and you will get typical sizes of such product.

Hexa Seal: Instruction Manual

  1. 1. Preparation for assembling
  2. 2. Assembling
  3. 3. Assembling procedure
  4. 4. Fit on shaft
  5. 5. Storing
  6. 6. Place for storing

Hexa Seal: Choosing Rubber Material

  1. 1. Oil and Chemical resistance of rubber material
  2. 2. Typical rubber material for oil seal
  3. 3. Material of metallic part

Designing housing and shaft

Hexa Seal: Technical Data

  1. 1. Seal property of lubricant
  2. 2. Rotation torque
  3. 3. Temperature by heat generation
  4. 4. Back pressure holding force
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